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Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Trading CFDs and Forex may expose you to significant losses

Automate Your Trading with Minimum Interruptions!

High-performance servers for high-volume traders.

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Enhance your trading experience using Amana Capital’s VPS that allows you to automate your trades in the cloud without the need of staying connected to your trading platform through your device. This is very convenient if you use trading robots or copy deals using trading signals. Hosting your trading systems on Amana’s VPS will enable you to reach the best results without worrying about technical interruptions, downtime, connection failures, system errors, power cuts and much more.

Main Advantages of Amana Capital’s VPS:

Amana VPS Advantages
  • Round-the-clock operation of trading platform, MT4 or MT5
  • Online 24/7
  • Minimum Interruptions and Latency
  • Remotely Accessible from Any Location at Anytime
  • Rapid Trade Execution
  • Better Trading Experience

Who Can Request a VPS Hosting Service?

If you're an Active Trader with Amana, you are then entitled to benefit from this service.

Our customer support department will provide you with all the necessary login details and credentials after reviewing your application form and approving your request.

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Connect to Your VPS Now


Run the 'Remote Desktop Connection' app available on your Windows Operating System


Enter the relevant IP address we have provided you with and then click on the 'Connect' button


Login using the credentials you have been provided with and start trading using 'MT4 or MT5'

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Trading CFDs and Forex may expose you to significant losses